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Donors start out to make a difference or have an impact on something. It could be to right a wrong, improve society, cure a disease, or to express their values. When we make a thoughtful gift of this kind, we experience joy – the joy of giving. We don’t set out to experience the joy, it is a result. 

We have written a book, 

The Art and Science of Donor Bliss,

a practical guide to donors who want their giving to have the most impact possible. 

Our publisher, to help get the message of the joy of giving to as wide an audience as possible, has created an opportunity to purchase the Kindle version of the book at a great price ($.99 USD) for a limited time. 

The book is on sale Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 March. According to our publisher, the Amazon promotion will be for only these 2 days.


Australia –

Please consider helping us by: 

  • Sharing this opportunity with your network
  • Leaving a positive review (even “It’s great!” counts)
  • Purchasing a Kindle version 

Doing so will help to spread the message of the joy of giving. It will also move the book into a more preferred category on Amazon. 

Thank you for your support!

Eric and Sandra Page Billman

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