About Sandra Page Billman

Sandra Page Billman :: Author, Coach

Understanding the challenges experienced by leaders, Sandra’s focus is to help each exceed his or her goals for making an impact on the world. Using a variety of discovery techniques, Sandra is adept at creating strategic plans that align goals and strategies with vision and mission.

A certified coach and change management consultant, Sandra’s skill set includes strategic planning, leadership training, facilitation techniques, and asking the tough questions.

Sandra has made charitable giving a priority in her life. Strategic about maximizing the impact of their giving, she and her husband, Eric, pursue Donor Bliss as they support organizations that align with their values and interests.

Sandra has served as both volunteer and board member. In co-authoring their book, The Art and Science of Donor Bliss Sandra hopes to inspire everyone to pursue the joy of giving in a thoughtful, planned way that leads to experiencing Donor Bliss.

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