Eric Billman: The Art and Science of Donor Bliss authorEarly in his fundraising career, Eric’s mentor shared the concepts of “Donor Bliss” and “Culture of Philanthropy” to illustrate a sustainable approach to raising funds. Passionate about Donor Bliss and helping donors to experience the joy of philanthropic giving, Eric has worked with hundreds of donors, volunteers, and board members around the world to help them to experience the joy of giving. Eric employs the power of strategic planning to bring focus, alignment and accountability that enables organizations to better deliver on their mission. By focusing on a donor’s interests and finding where his or her passions intersect with an institution’s priorities, the donor is engaged and the institution benefits.

Over the course of his thirty year career in relationship management, Eric has worked in the nonprofit world as a consultant and fundraiser in Higher Education, healthcare, community organizations, and churches. Within these settings in the United States and Australia, Eric has promoted the idea of helping donors feel as if they are partners and not merely a source of funding. As an international fundraiser, Eric finds these simple concepts apply to donors around the world.

In co-authoring the book, The Art and Science of Donor Bliss with his wife, Sandra, Eric hopes to inspire other philanthropists to pursue the joy of giving, and by doing so, to change the world as they experience Donor Bliss.

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