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Endorsements for The Art and Science of Donor Bliss

[Donor Bliss] was truly a very interesting read – I was particularly drawn to the way that Eric and Sandra weave through the concept of giving as a spiritual act. We don’t often think about philanthropy in this way but, ultimately, the desire to give to others is spiritual in nature. Eric and Sandra capture that beautifully throughout the book.

Nuvyn L. Peters, Vice-President, Development & Alumni Engagement, University of Calgary

Giving as a spiritual act

The Art and Science of Donor Bliss surprised me with the number of ways the Donor Bliss state of being can be pursued. This book makes a contribution to those who earnestly want and hope for more from their giving and to those who want to help donors as they make their way.

Rick Harig, CFP®
Chicago Chair, Tiger 21
Planner & Legacy Strategist, Legacy Resources, L.L.C.,

A pleasant surprise

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