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Eric Billman: Author and Speaker
Eric Billman :: Author, Speaker Passionate about Donor Bliss


Over the course of his career in fundraising and philanthropy, Eric has helped donors and volunteers around the world experience the joy of giving. Enabling organizations to better deliver on their mission, Eric is passionate about the power of Donor Bliss in transforming individuals as well as institutions.

Host a Donor Bliss Event
The Surprisingly Simple Journey to Achieve Donor Bliss

Eric engages your group with stories, examples and practical advice on philanthropy while helping participants envision opportunities for giving with impact. Speaking to nonprofit organizations, trade organizations, and community groups, Eric makes the connections between your organization’s purpose and how to experience the joy of giving.

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Keynote Speaking for Institutions

Magnifying Impact:
10 steps to creating a sustainable donor base

Imagine the impact created by your institution as your donors increasingly experience the joy of giving. Using a model of how donors experience the transformation from the joy of giving to Donor Bliss, we present ideas and actions for making Donor Bliss an institutional priority.

When your institution embraces Donor Bliss as a priority, resources increase, key constituents are more deeply engaged, and the institutional mission produces greater impact.
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The Millennial Paradox:
5 Secrets to engaging this important resource

The Millennial generation is the largest generation in the workforce and will be the largest generation alive in the next year. Yet very few nonprofits are effectively engaging this large, enthusiastic, caring generation as donors, volunteers and board members.
Learn how your organization can become more millennial friendly!

The 3 Rs of Building a Culture of Philanthropy: 
Relationships, Responsiveness and Retention

Learn practical ways to build relationships and retain donors through responsiveness.

Keynote Speaking for Donors

Magnifying Impact:
The 6 incredibly easy steps to Donor Bliss

Donors can purposely pursue and experience more of the Joy of Giving. It is a journey that anyone can take. We help to demystify the steps of the journey to help everyone craft their own path to Donor Bliss.
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A Historical Perspective
Philanthropy, Charity and the Modern Nonprofit

We explore the history of giving and why we still use the terms of Charity and Philanthropy. Alter your perspective on the motivation for giving as you learn what lies beneath most giving.
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Speaker Bio: Eric Billman

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Eric Billman is co-author of the book, The Art and Science of Donor Bliss: Raise (More) Money, Make Friends and Embrace the Joy of Giving. A handbook for donors and development officers alike, the book encourages donors to create sustainable impact through their giving. 

As an international fundraiser and active donor, Eric promotes the idea of helping donors feel as if they are partners with their giving. By focusing on a donor’s interests and finding where his or her passions intersect with an institution’s priorities, the donor is engaged and the institution benefits. Over the course of his career, Eric has found that these simple concepts apply to donors around the world.  Eric is passionate about Donor Bliss and its power to transform individuals and institutions.

As a fundraiser and consultant, Eric has helped donors and volunteers experience the joy of giving. As a consultant, Eric marries a donor-centric perspective with the discipline of strategic planning and performance management, assisting organizations to better deliver on their mission.

Within the higher education sector, Eric is currently the Head of Advancement for the College of Engineering and Computer Science at the Australian National University. Previously he served as Director of Advancement for The University of Melbourne and the University of Queensland in Australia; Senior Director of Development at Georgetown University and at the University of Wisconsin. He started his development career at his alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University and more recently developed and implemented an international engagement plan for Earlham College, bringing together key internal constituents and alumni. 

In addition to work in higher education, Eric provides campaign and development counsel to hospitals, community organizations, religious institutions and schools. Regardless of business sector, Eric draws from experience and expertise to advise leaders and donors on fundraising and philanthropy.

Eric earned a BS in Civil Engineering from Purdue University and received his MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. While their current assignments have taken them around the world, Eric and his wife (and co-author) think of historic Richmond, IN as their hometown.