Starting with “Why”

Eric and Sandra Billman-heartBefore our wedding, we talked about the importance of being generous. At that time, our discussion was about tithing, although it extended into organizations and causes that were important to each of us. We agreed that we had a desire to impact the lives of others through our generosity. We believe blessings come from thoughtful giving and from developing a lifestyle of giving.

Both of us were taught how to give by our parents. Through the years, we have come to experience the joy that results from giving. For example, after 9/11 we were thrilled to be able to do something substantial (for us) that would help to address the very pressing reality and needs of people in the aftermath of tragedy with a gift to the Red Cross. Whether it has been buying a goat for a family in a third world country, sponsoring a child’s education in Africa, or supporting higher education, we have indeed experienced Donor Bliss as a result of our giving.

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