A Donor Bliss Experience

The personal touch

Eric Billman presents the Lionel Billman Memorial Scholarship
(Cass County Community Foundation)

Last night, Eric had the privilege of presenting this year’s Lionel Billman Memorial Scholarship award at his hometown high school.

About 60 students received scholarships, some received multiple scholarships. Amounts were to cover book costs ($500) to full tuition ($180,000 for four years).

In addition to a number of memorial scholarships, awards were given by organizations representing The Arts; Primary and Secondary Education; specific student activities; A variety of community, regional and national Organizations; Student Government; Scholarly Groups; Higher Education; Local Businesses; the US Military and others.

Attending the ceremony was a great reminder of why we at Donor Bliss Consulting do what we do — our clients are able to give generously through achieving their mission.

The Lionel Billman Memorial Scholarship was established by Lionel’s widow, Elizabeth about 17 years ago. Because Lionel was devoted to his hometown, the scholarship is awarded to a student who desires to return and give to the community after higher education.

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