Board Enrichment Program

Planning for the Organization

Build leadership and capacity in board members.

Session design, customized for your organization, ensures that each board member receives consistent background information and that each experiences the same training over time.

New board members acclimate more quickly.
By the end of a three-year term, each board member has completed a series of trainings that result in more engaged board participation.


Customized Board Enrichment Sessions

Continuing education: Three to four times a year, 20 Minute Enrichment Sessions are conducted. These 20-minute sessions are part of the agenda for board meetings or separately schedule classes.

Suggested format is minimum 15 minutes of content and at least five minutes for questions.

Over the three years of a typical board term, each board member will have the opportunity to participate in up to 12 topics.

New Member Orientation

Each board member undertakes an Onboarding New Members class as he or she joins the organization’s board. This class briefly covers the topics listed in Board Basics as well as customized topics important to successfully integrating with your board.

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