Board Enrichment Sessions

A series of sessions customized for your organization.

  1. Understand Expectations and Leadership Structure (Governance and Management)
  2. How YOU can help: The four T’s (Time, Talent, Treasure and Ties)
  3. Revenue and Resources
  4. Fundraising Basics and Stewardship
  5. Planned Giving Basics
  6. Making the Ask (as a board member)

Additional board training sessions available.

Example of session flow:

  1. The 4 Ts – Time, Talent, Treasure, Ties (section includes board member participation and serves as a lead-in to the topic of fundraising)
  2. Revenue and Resources (concepts conveyed lecture-style and serves as additional lead-in to the topic of fundraising)
  3. Fundraising Basics (section includes board member participation)
  4. Organization Strategy (section includes board member participation)

Can be implemented as suggested here or other sessions from the list below may be substituted.

  • Commit to an Enduring Partnership
  • Fundraising Basics and Stewardship
  • Grants 101
  • Revenue and Resources
  • Considering Brand as a resource
  • The Road to Donor Bliss – A Donor’s journey to the joy of giving. (aka – A Donor’s Point of View)
  • Thinking Big – what would be the impact of significant additional resources?
  • Community impact and the value added by this organization
  • Engaging Millennials / Embracing Diversity
  • Succession Planning
  • Coming to Consensus
  • Review of Board Basics: Governance, The 4 T’s, Following the Plan, and conclude with Enduring Partnership as the wrap-up for the session
  • Best Practices for Onboarding New Members

Any topic can be presented into a longer, more in depth session.

Many board members have been serving on boards for multiple terms. Many of these topics will be largely refreshers or reminders to them.

Contact us to schedule this important step in enhancing your board’s performance.