Workshops and education


What do you need to move your organization to the next level?

How can your organization make a bigger impact?

Does your organization promote philanthropy?

We believe education should be inclusive, relevant, and inspiring!

Customizing every session to achieve your goals, we focus on the results you want.

See our Education Topics for details.

Board Enrichment Sessions

A series of sessions customized for your organization.

  1. Understand Expectations and Leadership Structure (Governance and Management)
  2. How YOU can help: The four T’s (Time, Talent, Treasure and Ties)
  3. Revenue and Resources
  4. Fundraising Basics and Stewardship
  5. Planned Giving Basics
  6. Making the Ask (as a board member)

Additional board training sessions available.

Example of session flow:

  1. The 4 Ts – Time, Talent, Treasure, Ties (section includes board member participation and serves as a lead-in to the topic of fundraising)
  2. Revenue and Resources (concepts conveyed lecture-style and serves as additional lead-in to the topic of fundraising)
  3. Fundraising Basics (section includes board member participation)
  4. Organization Strategy (section includes board member participation)

Can be implemented as suggested here or other sessions from the list below may be substituted.

  • Commit to an Enduring Partnership
  • Fundraising Basics and Stewardship
  • Grants 101
  • Revenue and Resources
  • Considering Brand as a resource
  • The Road to Donor Bliss – A Donor’s journey to the joy of giving. (aka – A Donor’s Point of View)
  • Thinking Big – what would be the impact of significant additional resources?
  • Community impact and the value added by this organization
  • Engaging Millennials / Embracing Diversity
  • Succession Planning
  • Coming to Consensus
  • Review of Board Basics: Governance, The 4 T’s, Following the Plan, and conclude with Enduring Partnership as the wrap-up for the session
  • Best Practices for Onboarding New Members

Any topic can be presented into a longer, more in depth session.

Many board members have been serving on boards for multiple terms. Many of these topics will be largely refreshers or reminders to them.

Contact us to schedule this important step in enhancing your board’s performance.

Board Enrichment Program

Planning for the Organization

Build leadership and capacity in board members.

Session design, customized for your organization, ensures that each board member receives consistent background information and that each experiences the same training over time.

New board members acclimate more quickly.
By the end of a three-year term, each board member has completed a series of trainings that result in more engaged board participation.


Customized Board Enrichment Sessions

Continuing education: Three to four times a year, 20 Minute Enrichment Sessions are conducted. These 20-minute sessions are part of the agenda for board meetings or separately schedule classes.

Suggested format is minimum 15 minutes of content and at least five minutes for questions.

Over the three years of a typical board term, each board member will have the opportunity to participate in up to 12 topics.

New Member Orientation

Each board member undertakes an Onboarding New Members class as he or she joins the organization’s board. This class briefly covers the topics listed in Board Basics as well as customized topics important to successfully integrating with your board.

View suggested Topics.

Contact us to discuss or schedule customized training.

Onboarding New Board Members

A Customized Seminar

We develop a program that is customized to your organization’s needs for ongoing board success. The following is an example outline of what your seminar will include.

  1. Introduction to Board Service
  2. How to enjoy fulfilling board service
    1. Understand expectations
    2. Understand and work within the leadership structure
    3. Provide support with Time, Talent, Treasure, and Ties
    4. Commit to an “enduring partnership.”
  3. Wrap up and summarize

Handouts Include the following:

  • Copy of strategic plan for the organization
  • Copy of board member handbook or similar that includes a copy of the “job description.”
  • Copy of The Art and Science of Donor Bliss book
  • Other related materials provided by the organization

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