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Magnifying Impact: 10 Steps to Creating a Sustainable Donor Base
Imagine the impact created by your institution as your donors increasingly experience the joy of giving. Using a model of how donors experience the transformation from the joy of giving to Donor Bliss, we present ideas and actions for making Donor Bliss an institutional priority.
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Retention, Relationships and Responsiveness: The 3Rs to Building a Culture of Philanthropy
Learn practical ways to build relationships and retain donors.

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The Millennial Paradox: 8 Secrets to Engaging this Important Resource
The Millennial generation is the largest generation in the workforce and will be the largest generation alive in the next year. Yet very few nonprofits are effectively engaging this large, enthusiastic, caring generation as donors, volunteers and board members. Understand the myths surrounding generational differences and maximize employee and board member potential through embracing diversity.
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A Historical Perspective on Philanthropy, Charity and the Modern Nonprofit
We explore the history of giving and why we still use the terms of Charity and Philanthropy.
Alter your perspective on the motivation for giving as you learn what lies beneath the ideals of most giving.

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Foundation Bliss: Five Sure-Fire Ways to make Foundations Love Your Organization
Make your grant makers happy and increase the likelihood of repeat and increased grants.

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8 Tips for Building the  Fundraising Skills You Always Wanted
If you are involved with a nonprofit organization and want to explore how to start fundraising or become a better at fundraiser, this is the place to begin!

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Employee Retention:  How a Donor Bliss Priority Leads to Lower Turnover
Nonprofits are plagued by high turnover and burnout, especially with Executive Directors and Development Officers. A Donor Bliss approach will change culture and reduce this turnover.

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3 Questions Every Fundraiser (and Executive Director) needs to answer

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Ten Tips for Conducting Successful Stakeholder Meetings
Engage your stakeholders in ways that maximize communication and collaboration.

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Making the Ask
Learn best practices in asking for resources in support of your mission.

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  1. Start a Fundraising Program from Scratch
  2. Bridgingthe Gap:  Moving to the next level of organizational effectiveness
  3. Leadership Transitions:  Moving forward when leaders and founders move on

Three sessions for small nonprofits that will teach how to be more effective in fundraising efforts, depending on the needed transition.

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Build your own Session(s) or Create an Event!
Choose from this list or suggest topics that match your current needs.

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Donor Bliss Consulting
We all want to be generous and experience the joy of knowing we have made a difference in the world. Amidst uplifting stories of philanthropy that illustrate the joy of giving, you will learn a purposeful approach to charitable giving and establishing a legacy that empowers you to be strategic with how much, in what ways, and to whom you give for long-term impact on the world.

Donor Bliss Event: The Surprisingly Simple Journey to Achieve Donor Bliss.
We conduct a workshop and/or speak to your group of donors and volunteers, nonprofit organizations, trade organizations, and community groups. Based on our book – The Art and Science of Donor Bliss.

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