Getting Things Done

 by David Allen

This book helped me to think differently about how I organize my work (as did Daniel Pink’s When, but that concept is an entirely different discussion). That said, I continue to play with different ways to think about what I do to organize files, both paper and digital. I think Allen’s best contribution is in helping us to go through our files and determine how and what to toss and then how to organize what we keep. Simon Sinek may say that organizing is an Infinite Game, so maybe a book like Allen’s just help us to play the game a little bit better.

Sandra Page Billman

One of the biggest productivity books of the last two decades, I’ve added this to the list. That said, I haven’t read it and feel skeptical simply because the subhead reads: The Art of Stress Free Productivity. It may seem unattainable in a nonprofit setting, but my oh my, isn’t it worth a shot?

Recommended by Joan Garry Consulting

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