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Imagine the impact created by your institution as your donors increasingly experience the joy of giving. Over time, fulfillment and meaning are added to this joy, creating Donor Bliss.

3 Steps to Attracting and Retaining Committed Employees

Do your employees fully embrace the organization’s mission?

What happens to your leadership success when they don’t?

As our nonprofit leaders book club started to discuss Start with Why, by Simon Sinek, we were surprised when a participant said she did not need to know her Why to be effective at work – if her work brings her joy, that is good enough. After some discussion, most attendees agreed that in order to like our work as leaders, we should at least find the mission of the organization to be compelling enough that it brings some type of satisfaction through accomplishment, if not joy.


What is your favorite leadership book?


Our Nonprofit Leaders Bookclub is a great success! Every month we gather to discuss a pre-chosen book from the list below. Many books focus on leadership skills. Others encourage us to look at philanthropy in new ways. All provide plenty of insights that result in lively discussion!

Are you interested in participating in a book club that will expose you to new leadership ideas while incorporating the proven standards?

Contact us to discuss starting a facilitated book club in your area (or online).

Or READ MORE to view the list of books we are using as a starting point.

Each book title in the list is linked to its own page that allows for comments.

Please add information about any book, especially if you have read it or the reason why you are especially excited to read it.

Extend Your Leadership Reach

Planning for the Organization


One Page Business Plans grow people and your organization. Each plan helps your organization gain a higher level of focus in

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Goal setting
  • Decision making
  • Accountability
  • Strategic thinking

Add One Page Plans for

  • Sr. Executives
  • Jr. Managers
  • Team Leaders

Strengthen your culture, focus on priorities, experience alignment and accountability.

Your entire organization will enjoy celebrating the success of your vision.

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