The following linked list of books represents initial suggestions for the Nonprofit Leaders Bookclub to read and discuss. Your comments as to the order in which we want to read these books are welcome.

Each book title in the list below is linked to its own page that allows for comments. Please add information about any book, especially if you have read it or the reason why you are especially excited to read it.

Note that comments are allowed on this page if you want to recommend a book that isn’t on the list. 

Board Enrichment Program

Customized Board Enrichment Sessions build leadership and capacity in nonprofit board members.

Planning for the Organization

Session design, customized for your organization, ensures that each board member receives consistent background information and that each experiences the same training over time.

New board members acclimate more quickly.
By the end of a three-year term, each board member has completed a series of trainings that result in more engaged board participation.

3 Steps to Attracting and Retaining Committed Employees

Do your employees fully embrace the organization’s mission? What happens to your leadership success when they don’t?

As our nonprofit leaders book club started to discuss Start with Why, by Simon Sinek, we were surprised when a participant said she did not need to know her Why to be effective at work – if her work brings her joy, that is good enough. After some discussion, most attendees agreed that in order to like our work as leaders, we should at least find the mission of the organization to be compelling enough that it brings some type of satisfaction through accomplishment, if not joy.

What about an organization’s employees? Sinek explains, “When you fill an organization with good fits, those who believe what you believe, success just happens” (page 92). Isn’t this especially important for nonprofit organizations?

We propose three basic steps for filling your organization with “good fits” who embrace your organization’s Why. In other words, 3 Steps for Attracting and Retaining Committed Employees.