Quick Start Strategic Planning

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A Strategic Plan in 10 hours! Quick Start Program includes these Coaching Services:

5 steps to successful Vision and Mission statements
Ten Tips for conducting successful stakeholder meetings
Three Personalized One-on-One Strategy Sessions (at 30, 60 & 90 days, one hour each)
Community Inclusion and Impact – Strategies for using your One Page Plan to:
– Report progress
– Share solutions
– Build community & collaboration
– Communicate success

One Page Business Plans90 Day Cloud-based Software license: One Page Planning

A focused plan that is concise, comprehensive & shareable

Short and long-term Vision and Mission

SMART Objectives and Action Plans crafted to support your organization’s Vision and Mission

Strategies to achieve the organization’s goals over multiple years

Donor Bliss for Your Organization

Planning for the OrganizationCoaching that builds leadership skills and deepens nonprofit and fundraising knowledge throughout the organization.

The Art and Science of Donor Blissbook: 2 copies

See our list of Training & Speaking Services, Topics, and

Upgrades and additional services available to help your organization enjoy the benefits of planning for Donor Bliss.

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Prefer a workshop atmosphere? Want to get the whole team going on a short budget? Ask about Point Click Plan Workshops.